Tuesday September 24, 7PM
"Genevieve" author of
Memoirs of a Papillon: The Canine Guide to Living with Humans without Going Mad (as told to Dennis Fried Ph.D., $13.95)

Want to know what your dog really thinks of you? In this hilarious exposť, Genevieve, a two-year-old papillon, takes you into the inner sanctum of dogdom, revealing canine secrets never before shared with humans. Genevieve sinks her teeth into such topics as driving tips for dogs, the tragedy of doorbells in TV commercials, measuring the intelligence of humans, finding a reason for cats, how prehistoric dogs saved the caveman's bacon, converting your house into an agility course, and productive kitchen behavior. Important - read this book before your dog does!

Dennis Fried has "enjoyed" careers in college teaching, marketing, advertising, nightclub ownership, software development, and stand-up comedy. He holds advanced degrees in physics and philosophy, both of which he considers essential to successful dog ownership. He lives in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife, Katrina, and his trainer, Genevieve.

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