Wednesday September 18, 7PM – Mystery
Richard Sand author of Private Justice ($15.95, Durban House)

In his dark – and it must be said, rather warped – Private Justice, attorney and former PI Richard Sand presents a second Lucas Rook mystery after 2000,s Tunnel Runner. Having avenged his brother’s death in the first book, Rook has retired from the NYPD to work for a mobster whose daughter was murdered; as more girls get killed, Rook finds himself dealing with a host of bizarre characters – a cat lady, a deformed piano teacher and a pedophile who works at a cheese counter – and racing against the clock to discover who’s to blame before another girl is murdered..
“Private Justice is a private eye mystery in the hard- boiled tradition. Take a walk on the dark side as retired homicide detective, Lucas Rook searches for a serial killer of young, innocent little girls. A mob connected client hires him to bring his own style of “private justice” to the murderer of the mobster’s daughter. Who he brings it to is as unusual as is his stymied-at-every-turn search for the real killer. Plenty of logical suspects are offered up as minor sacrifices on his pyre of vengeance: however, the end leaves us drowning in irony.” Bob Spear, The Book Barn, Leavenworth Ks, a Book Sense Store

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