Wednesday October 16, 5:30 - Fiction Leslie Esdaile author of Tomorrow’s Promise ($10.95, Genesis Press)

This is the first in a series of books on African American military personal. Tomorrow’s Promise is based on Philadelphia native (Girl’s High & Temple University) Lt. Colonel Tia Johnson, who is the first African American at that level in the US Army JAG corps.

Leslie Esdaile is a native Philadelphian and Dean's List graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Undergraduate Program. Upon completing her studies in 1980, she embarked upon a career in corporate marketing and sales. In 1991, and after a decade of working in the corporate environment, Esdaile shifted gears and began an independent consulting career assisting small businesses and economic development agencies with marketing, grant writing, curriculum development, and workshop facilitation. In 1999-2000, she won the US Small Business Administration Award for Best New Markets Lender (Eastern Region), and in 2001 Esdaile was the recipient of the US Small Business Administration’s Minority Advocate of the Year Award (Eastern Region), as well as received a City of Philadelphia Mayoral Tribute for Entrepreneurship for her recent award-winning fiction novel, "Rivers of the Soul," by Genesis Press, Inc.

With many awards to her credit, Esdaile was nominated for a Golden Pen Award (Best Anthology) by The Black Writers Alliance, was voted BET/Color Code Literary Cafe's Author Choice for The Philadelphia Market, and received the Leadership Achievement Award by The Generations Center. The first full year of the new millennium was a banner literary award year for her, as she also won The Shades of Romance Award for Best Genesis Press Inc Novel, "Rivers of the Soul," and Best Novella within the "After the Vows" Anthology (Genesis Press, Inc.), "Time Enough for Love," from Romance in Color.

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