William Deverell author of Trial of Passion

Arthur Beauchamp is Vancouver's leading criminal attorney. He's also an alcoholic with an unfaithful wife and a desperate need for solitude. So when he turns his back on his life and settles down on an island off the Pacific coast, it looks like a premature but very permanent retirement. Then one last case draws him back. The dean of law at a local university is charged with the sadomasochistic rape of one of his students. The evidence against the defendant is overwhelming. And he's lied again and again--to the police, his therapist, his attorneys. If anyone can save him, Beauchamp can. But first Beauchamp has to save himself--from the memories of his painful past and the torment of his inner demons. And then he has to face the choice that has haunted him throughout his career: does he serve his client--or tell the truth?

William Deverell practiced law for 15 years before taking up writing full-time. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

"Brimming with sardonic wit and zippy phrases...roller coaster twists of passion"--The Toronto Star

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