Camden Joy author of Lost Joy ($14.00, TNI Books)

Camden Joy entered notoriety in 1995 as a renegade-rock-critic-meets-pop-culture-seer and, since then, has smitten his fans with a rich spread of prose and manifesto. Contained in Lost Joy are the rich, poignant stories that established Camden Joy's reputation as "one of the country's most original music writers."

While his prose style has earned comparisons to Frank O'Hara and Hunter S. Thompson, Camden Joy draws his reference from, and aims his discharge toward, music. His works have long been recognized as bringing reprieve to the conflict between music created and music devoured - where the sonic art's fervor is utterly realized in its fans. Dennis cooper says, "Camden Joy is sort of the Irvine Welsh of American rock, setting music to narrative with a knowingness and grace that elucidates what it means to be a rock star and/or fan more persuasively than any other contemporary novelist."

Joy is the recipient of the highest acclaim from his peers; an excerpt from his novella, Hubcap Diamondstar Hale, which first appeared in Little Engines magazine, was selected by guest Editor Dave Eggers for inclusion in the newest volume of Houghton Mifflin's celebrate Best American series, Best American Nonrequired Reading

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