Appeal to Reason: The First 25 Years of In These Times by Craig Aaron (Editor), James Weinstein, Robert W. McChesney (Introduction) $19.95

Craig Aaron, managing editor of In These Times, gathers works from the muckraking newsmagazine's 25 years of publication in Appeal to Reason: 25 Years In These Times. Barbara Ehrenreich and Ellen Willis write about feminism and abortion; Alice Walker sounds off on race and crime; Noam Chomsky expresses his views on "democracy's slow death"; and Arundhati Roy speaks out on diversity and resisting hegemony. Other journalists write on war and peace, cultural criticism and the environment. An attractive, almost square shaped layout works well with the text, which is punctuated by riveting photographs and images.

For 25 years, this national biweekly independent magazine of news and opinion has provided groundbreaking coverage of the labor movement, environment, feminism, grassroots politics, minority communities, and the media. Features articles from contributors such as David Brower, Noam Chomsky, Barbara Ehrenreich, Juan Gonzalez, Chris Lehmann, John Nichols, Alice Walker, and Fred Weir.
 "In These Times is the most creative and challenging newsmagazine on the American Left."
 Cornel West

"In These Times has performed a unique and valuable service, never needed mre than it is today." Noam Chomsky "At a time of growing media concentration, In These Times is an invaluable source of news and information that the corporate media would too often prefer to ignore."
Senator Paul Wellstone

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