Philadelphia Social Forum presents

Making A Killing

a discussion on corporate responsibility

Sunday February 2, 2003, 2PM

at Robin’s Book Store - 108 S. 13th Street

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What Are The Issues? What Are The Solutions?














Unity Platform on Corporate Accountability

Over 200 organizations have signed onto the statement which outlines an agenda for an overhaul of corporate governance, stronger labor and environmental obligations and an end to international corporate welfare. The Unity Platform demonstrates the growing public demand for stronger and deeper corporate accountability measures.

 For instance:

Philip Morris, responsible for Marlboro – the #1 cigarette brand among youth

Nike, widely condemned for its use of sweatshop labor

British Petroleum, which is driving a socially and environmentally destructive gas extraction project in

Unocal, the oil giant currentl being sued for human rights abuses in Burma


The United States has earned a reputation for shunning international agreements on human rights and environmental issues. At the fifth round of talks on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the US fought to undermine progress in most of the treaty’s key areas. The tobacco industry’s $7 million in campaign contributions in the 2001-2002 election cycle appear to be paying off.


Total Ban on Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship: Over 90 countries spoke in favor: the US opposed.


Liability and Compensation for Harms Cause by Tobacco: almost 70 countries called for even stronger measures than in the current draft text; the US opposed


Prioritizing Health Over Trade: over 100 countries spoke in favor: the US opposed.


Protecting Health Policy from Tobacco Industry Interference: the Pacific Islands and the African Region advocated stronger measures; the US raised “confidentiality” issues similar to those raised by Phillip Morris.


Presenters who will lead the discussion include represnentives from:

Infact, Challenging corporate abuse, Building grassroots power –


United Students Against



Coke Cola Strike in Columbia


Sustainable Business Network