With the success of "the Eternal NOW", poet & curator stevenallenmay celebrates the end of the year with a special multimedia experiment he is calling "Curator's Blues".


Currently stevenallenmay is the curator of 'the Eternal NOW' series at Robin's Bookstore. He is also a poet, writer, performance artist, and event organizer. Prior to moving to Philadelphia, he was the creator and primary organizer of the only 30 day poetry festival ON THE PLANET; Bardfest99-2002. The organization that he created, Berks Bards, continues to present this festival, already planning the next one.

He is the "assembler" of the chapbook Spontaneous Chili, a collection of poets created in an on-line chatroom during 1998-1999, as well as author of the soon to be published Plastic Sunrise and Sleeping Alone with Someone Else. His work includes performance pieces "aphasia" and "Magic Poison Liquid Needle", a series of poet/painter collaborations done with his wife, the artist Katy Jean, a public access TV program he produced from 1995-2000 called (re)VERSE, and a stint in the 'spoken word band' antijazz conspiracy. He is currently planning a 30 day event in Philadephia during April 2003 to be called "Poets Among US". Occasionally, he sleeps too.

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Laura Smith

A working poet, writer, and teacher, Laura creates multimedia poetry performances and poem-objects and curates www.PoemsForRooms.com. This past October, she hosted Fringing the Page, a conference on the beyond-the-page poetry scene in Philadelphia. With the Spoke n' Weal, she debuted The Cold Cradle in the 2001 Philadelphia Fringe festival and performed FaultLines at the 2002 Festival. Her chapbook Markings was published in 2000 by Relic Hunter Press. Current visual-poetry projects include The Materials Group—a series of assemblages about language and materiality—and Terratarium, a multimedia performance piece that explores maps, stratographic features, and other real and imaginary lines. Laura is completing a group of poems entitled Playing the Language, which explores the post-L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E space where fragmentarity and musicality meet.
Laura Smith, Curator poemsforrooms

Jill E. Sheetz

Jill E. Sheetz has been published in Kaliedoscope literary magazine, Teacher’s Selection Anthology of Poetry 1998 and Agon magazine for creative arts. She served as poetry editor of Kaliedoscope as well as vice president and coffee director of Agon. Jill attended the New York State Summer Writer’s Institute during July 2001. She has been a featured poet on Poets’ Pause, at Robin’s Bookstore, Philadelphia, PA, and has collaborated with a visual artist during fall 2001 as part of a poets/painters series in Reading, PA. Currently she is a board member of the BerksBards organization based in Berks County, PA.