Lee Carl author of the Cherry Tree (Old City Publishing)

Lee Carl’s third novel is an intriguing blend of mystery and family drama played out in the suburbs and streets of Philadelphia during the late 1970’s. Carl also is the author of the White Squirrel and Under the Burdock Weed. Late at night, someone tosses firebombs at adult bookstores and bars in the Philadelphia area, leading to the grizzly deaths of some bar patrons. Also at night, two young lovers meet in a suburban Philadelphia cemetery – a graveyard that abuts the property of a reclusive old man. These two seemingly unrelated events collide in an unlikely twist of fate as suspicions proliferate in the minds of the teenagers.

Lee Carl is a former chairman of the Journalism Department and former director of the public relations sequence at Temple University where he taught for 25 years. Carl’s professional experience includes 15 years of newspaper reporting, editing and professional PR work.