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Author Presentations


Robin’ Book Store likes to present Writers, especially Left Non-Fiction, Philadelphia Based Writers, Poets, Women Writers and Writers of the African Diaspora. We do not discriminate against White Men. We usually have a 7PM presentation during mid-week, which includes a presentation by the author, either a reading or discussion, a question and answer period and a book signing. The Eternal Now Poetry Series and the Women’s Writing series are based at Robin’s. In addition to general presentations we also have special group events on a Sunday at 2PM. The First Sunday of each month is reserved for the Philadelphia Social Forum. These group events bring writers, who work in isolation, into contact with each other, and into contact with the reading public. They feature presentations, readings, refreshments, and stimulate audience development for the authors. We particularly try to support local and beginning writers by giving the opportunity to present their work. We are not critics or magicians but facilitators. If you would like to be on our database and participate please file out the author datebase form and return it to us. You can also do this on our website: 



            Black Ink: Celebrating Writers of the African Diaspora            (February 8, 2004) spotlights some of the great many talented writers of color who live in the Philadelphia area,  many of whose books and voices you will get to experience. Book Fair, Refreshments will be served.


Philadelphia Ink: Celebrating Writers from the Philadelphia Area who have Published This Year  (December 14, 2003) spotlights the writers from our area who have published each year. There are over 1000 writers on my database from the Greater Philadelphia area. Every year I find over 100 books published by these authors. We usually get 25 or 30 to present their work. Book Fair, Refreshments


            Poetry Ink: 100 Poets Read at Robin’s (April 11, 2004) spotlights poets, published and not published. We want you all, academic poets, famous poets, free form poets, street poets, unknown poets, word poets – you each get 3 minutes, that’s 5 hours of  poetry – we supply the coffee, you bring the desserts, Book Fair


.           Red Ink: Readings of Resistance and Liberation (May 9, 2004) spotlights those writers who use their voice to resist oppression of all kinds: economic, political, psychological, sexual etc. We will hear the voices of history as well as those in attendance. Book Fair, Refreshments.


Women’s Ink: Celebrating Writing by Women (March 14, 2004) spotlights the voice of women writers. Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry will all be represented. Book Fair, Refreshments.