Akosua & Sakinah Ali-Sabree authors of We Surrender: A Collection of Inspirational Poems & lyrical Verse ($15.00,Ujima)

“I surrendered and was fulfilled… Mother and daughter Ali-Sabree present this as a collection of inspirational poems and lyrical verse, but I say it is much more. It is forward thinking, inspiring the reader to move to another place. Their writing will move on beyond wondering about the words as a reflection of the authors, to participating with the writings through your own life. If you allow this piece, it can be a journey through your life – your soul. For the nahs, oops, and ahs to the tears, feats, and you divine, their words touch you; their words speak to where you are and compel – propel you forward. Use the power of their words to heal while learning lessons for life. Let them be our affirmations.” Dr. Lennell R. Dade, Lincoln University

“We Surrender – a rare treat for mother and daughter to share their hearts with the world. Their work shows a positive growing relationship, and it is a spiritual feast.” Richard Watson, Artist, Composer