stevenallenmay author of Plastic Sunrise

stevenallenmay is a poet, performance artist, events coordinator, series curator and host, filmmaker, collage maker, and experimenter with technology & language. "Poets Among US" is the latest of the 30 day poetry festivals he created since 1999. The previous 4 have taken place in Berks County, PA and been presented as 'Bardfest99-2002'. This reading of his latest book, Plastic Sunrise, is part of the "PAU" festival.

s - a - m is the assembler of Spontaneous Chili, a collection of internet-constructed poems made in an AOL chatroom during 1998-99. He has collaborated with bassist Joel Livingood as "antijazz conspiracy", worked with painters and collage artists during the 2001 'Poets & Painters' project with artists of the Berks Art Alliance, and currently is a cofounding member of the multimedia performance troupe called REPO.

Plastic Sunrise addresses issues of abandonment, suicide, and attempting to make sense of a mad world. An homage to the Beats, this book also considers the direction poetry is headed in a hypertechnologic world.

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