Joshua Ortega author of Frequencies ($24.95, Jodere Group)

At the turn of the century, a technology was created which allowed people's thoughts to be monitored as electromagnetic wavelengths and frequencies. In 2012, the Frequency Emissions Act was passed, creating a special division of the FBI, the Freemon, or Frequency Emissions Monitors, to isolate and detain individuals who infected others with their illegal frequencies. After a wave of mass arrests, a world of convenience and security materializes... It is now 2051. The place, Seattle. An ordered world is about to get shaken up.

Just 40 years after the Frequency Emissions Act authorized the microchipping of humans in order to control their violent tendencies, a rash of "freekers" individuals driven insane by their microchips threatens the stability of society. Ortega's first novel portrays a 21st-century society on the verge of breakdown or transfiguration. Combining straightforward storytelling with experimental prose, this eccentric tale of conspiracy and cosmology belongs in large sf collections.

‘’In the tradition of 1984, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451... A real contribution to the genre." Seattle Weekly
"Brilliant... The concepts contained within this novel are vast and complex. ((FREQUENCIES)) buzzes of a new world order." The Daily
Joshua Ortega was born and raised in Sacramento, California, and now lives in Seattle, Washington.
He is simultaneously working on various stages of the ((FREQUENCIES)) project, including the screenplay, comic book adaptation, and its sequel, ~VIBRATIONS~. He has a few other things in the works as well, though if we told you about them it would ruin the surprise.You can e-mail him from the website. We are not responsible for any freeky correspondence which might ensue

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