Floyd Skloot author of In The Shadow Of Memory ($26.95, University of Nebraska Press) In December 1988, Floyd Skloot was stricken by a virus that targeted his brain. The resulting damage left him totally disabled and utterly changed. In the Shadow of Memory is a candid memoir of living with a brain and a mind that have suddenly been shattered—an intimate picture of what it is like to find oneself possessed of a ravaged memory, unstable balance, and wholesale changes in both cognitive and emotional powers. But the book is more than an account of catastrophic metamorphosis. Skloot also explores the gradual reassembling of himself, putting together his scattered memories, rediscovering the meaning of childhood and family history, learning a new way to be at home in the world. Combining the author’s skills as a poet and novelist, this book finds humor, meaning, and hope in the story of a fragmented life made whole by love and the courage to thrive.

Floyd Skloot is the author of three novels, four collections of poetry, and a collection of essays, The Night Side. Individual essays from In the Shadow of Memory have been included in the anthologies The Best American Essays, The Art of the Essay 1999, and The Best American Science Writing 2000. The essay "A Measure of Acceptance" won the 2002 Shipley Award from Creative Nonfiction magazine

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