Ted Wilson author of "Slo' Dance" (Shamal Books)

Veteran writer/activist Ted Wilson celebrates the publication of his poetry and prose with an initial series of booksignings in and around New York City. While the book, Slo' Dance (Shamal Books), is his first full length collection, Mr. Wilson is no newcomer to New York's literary circles. A third-generation native of Harlem, Wilson began his creative and activist career during the 1960s Black Arts Movement, developing alongside such literary figures as Henry Dumas, Larry Neal, Askia Muhammad Toure, Sonia Sanchez, and Amiri Baraka, whose introduction to Slo' Dance takes note of Wilson's contributory role "as an active and conscious player in that revolutionary motion."

Commenting on the work, internationally acclaimed poet Jayne Cortez describes Slo' Dance as "...the result of a forty-year search for a sense of understanding the racial experience in urban America."
"His words inform, infuse our lives with precision and politics and love," adds the venerable Sonia Sanchez.
A former co-editor for Liberator and founder of Pride, two of the lead magazines for that era's budding writers, Wilson was first anthologized in the 1968 release of Black Fire (Neal, Baraka).
With a literary-activist career spanning four decades, he has remained among the several stalwart cultural workers on behalf of a U.S.-Pan African arts community, producing numerous community cultural events and reading series, while continuously contributing to reputable journals and anthologies, among them, Black American Literature Forum, African Voices, Callaloo, New Rain, and in the relatively recent award-winners Bum Rush The Page, and In Defense of Mumia, to name a few.

Copies of Ted Wilson's Slo' Dance may be obtained directly from the publisher, either online (Shamalbooks@aol.com) or at Shamal Books, GPO Box 16, New York City 10116. For further information, contact Ted Wilson at (973) 763 9550

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