William Patrick Patterson
on Gurdjieff

San Francisco-based author and award-winning director, William Patrick Patterson is currently on tour presenting his latest work, the ground-breaking video, Gurdjieff's Legacy, shot on location in Europe and New York; and Voices in the Dark, nominated for a National Book Award and recently released in quality paper. Nominated for a National Book Award in 2001, and recently released in quality paperback, Voices in the Dark reveals people risking their lives in Nazi-occupied Paris to attend meetings with Gurdjieff. Written in three fascinating, interwoven themes-the occupation of Paris as told through the diaries of de Gaulle, Sartre, Camus and blind resistance fighter, Jacques Lusseyran, among others; never-before-published transcripts of Gurdjieff's esoteric meetings; and the Nazi involvement in the occult.
The documentary Gurdjieff's Legacy> completes a trilogy that follows G. I. Gurdjieff's efforts to introduce to the West an ancient, sacred teaching of spiritual transformation, which speaks to mankind's deepest questions about the sense and significance of life on earth and human life in particular, and-of particular relevance-the meaning of war and what can be done about it..
William Patrick Patterson is the author of five books on self-transformation- Eating the "I", Struggle of the Magicians, Ladies of the Rope, Taking with the Left Hand, Voices in the Dark- and creator of award-winning documentaries.

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