2PM - Memoir Deloris Jordan author of In My Family’s Shadow

"In My Family's Shadow talks about not only being in Michael's shadow but being in my family's shadow as a whole, about being my own person and learning that my life was my life and I had a right to live it regardless of the accolades my family gained," said Deloris, who has lived in Philadelphia for the last 13 years. Deloris says her father's abuse began at age eight continued until she was 16, when she finally confronted her mother about what had been happening. Mom Jordan made Deloris confront her father, who, she says, admitted it. Her mother's answer was to send her away to a girls' home, but that never happened. "We lived in affluent Black neighborhood in Wilmington, N.C. My parents were well respected, well liked and well known and I don't know if they could've explained how I ended up in a girls' home. Since I didn't wind up going, I was left in a house with nobody talking to me, telling me how to get beyond any internal conflict," she states.

Deloris was angry, she was miserable and she was wondering what she did to make her father touch her in the way he did. Bringing attention to her situation would be a bad PR move for Michael. The Jordans were North Carolina's royal family and were presented to the country as the picture of southern normalcy. But Deloris was dying inside. It would take years of therapy to help her come to grips with what happened, but she would never get a chance to ask her father any questions because of his murder in 1993. Now 43 and estranged from her family, this mother of three has renewed her relationship with God and found her path in life. Along with her book's debut, she has launched her publishing company, Jordan Signature Publishing. "One publishing company wanted me to make the book more about Michael or step away from the abuse [angle]. I was fighting to keep the integrity of my story. I figure if they're telling me to do this and that, how many people without the gravity of my name have to fight for the same thing? So I figured I'd give first time authors a chance to be heard," said Deloris.