Karen Miller author of Using What You Got ($22.00, S&S)

Karen E. Quinones Miller, the BlackBoard bestselling author of Satin Doll and I'm Telling, returns with a new novel that confirms her reputation as a "powerful and provocative" (Essence) novelist. Nineteen-year-old Tiara Bynum is pretty as a princess--and just as spoiled. Her castle is the Harlem housing project where she lives with her doting father, Reggie, and her younger sister, Jo-Jo. Reggie would do anything for his girls, even if it means jeopardizing the family finances to indulge them in material happiness. Blissfully unaware of her father's sacrifices, Tiara believes she's the toast of the world. Her greatest goal in life is to find a rich, handsome man who will treat her just the way her father does--or maybe even better. When Tiara meets Lionel Richards, she thinks she's found the perfect match. He's a dashing marketing student at Columbia University. Lionel wines and dines Tiara, lets her drive his Porsche, and buys her expensive jewelry. She revels in all the things he can do for her--it must be love. But Tiara soon discovers that her wealthy playmate's fortune does not come from a generous inheritance as he says, but from dealing drugs. Reluctant to give up the good life, Tiara decides to overlook Lionel's profession and move in with him, despite her father's strong protests. Desperate to protect his daughter, Reggie violently confronts Lionel, and Tiara's world spins out of control. Now Tiara must reevaluate her life--and learn that self-reliance is far more valuable than anything money can buy. Celebrating the inner strength that gets us through the toughest times, Using What You Got is an engrossing novel about family, loyalty, love, and self-discovery.

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