Yanier Moore author of Triple Take ($12.95,Random)

Moore has created a tough, street-smart character who is intelligent, dangerous, and willing to use explosive violence to achieve his aim. When Jonathon "JC' Cole is released from prison, he is determined to get revenge on the three men he committed a robbery with 10 years ago. While incarcerated, JC kept up with his childhood friends: Richard "Richkid" Kidman has become a pimp with several women working for him, Alonzo "Zo" Johnson is one of the most connected drug dealers in Chicago and on the East Coast, and Eugene "Lil G" Pierce is a revered criminal. JC does not want to kill them, but with the help of his woman, Champagne, a former stripper; his best friend from jail, Rat; and Rat's girlfriend, Shaunna, he executes a calculated plan to strip each of these "playas" from their exalted positions. The engrossing story takes the reader on an adventure through the hard-knocks life of Chicago's underworld. "Triple Take explodes off the page-a blood-soaked, guns-blazing literary assault on the senses." In Triple Take, novelist Y.Blak Moore proves himself the reincarnation of Donald Goines. In the years to come, this literary prodigy may just prove himself the voice of his generation." -David Isay, public-radio producer and co-author of Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago Yanier “Blak” Moore is a poet, social worker, and former gang member who grew up in the Chicago housing projects. He has three children and lives in Chicago. This is his first novel.

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