David Moyer author of Too Good to be True? Nutrients Quiet the Unquiet Brain: A Four Generation Bipolar Odyssey

What causes mental illness? Genes? Foods? Vaccines? Microbes?
Can nutrients restore mental health? How should we deal with the mentally

This true medical detective story describes the author's four generation family odyssey that leads him to paths less traveled. He discusses multiple biological causes of and effective nutritional interventions for those suffering from bipolar disorder and other central nervous system (CNS) disorders. He explores new typologies for "mental" illness, including, but not limited to such disparate considerations as infections (Lyme disease, stealth virus), foods (gluten, casein), and additives (MSG, aspartame). He examines assumptions and practices in the justice and mental health systems that impact those with CNS disorders. Too Good to be True? describes some totally different ways for patients, parents, teachers, therapists, police, prison guards, nurses, doctors and judges to think about, and, more importantly, do something about mental illness. For example, a company in Canada called Synergy, also known as TrueHope has developed nutritional supplements called E.M.Power for CNS disorders. In several studies more than 60% of bipolar patients have been symptom free on E.M.Power alone, without any medications! Too good to be true?

David Moyer, retired Lt Col, USAF, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Board Certified Diplomate with a 28 year career as a therapist and mental health administrator in the United States Air Force. An insider by virtue of his membership in the mental health profession and a family afflicted with manic-depressive illness spanning four generations, he not only provides a telling perspective of the institutions that deal with our most vulnerable citizens, but also offers practical recommendations for a better future for those who are called the "mentally ill."