Joherdi Hernandez & Ottilia Robers authors of History of the Future that Belongs to Us ($14.95,Terra Incognito)

"History of the Future that Belongs to Us," by Joherdi Hernandez and Ottilia Robers, is both timely and ahead of its time. It is full of sharp insights on the current human condition and fresh possibilities for the future of our societies. Written to appeal to both academic and non-academic audiences, Hernandez and Robers present an entertaining, well-researched, and provocative synthesis of the elements that influence our socio-economic structures and our social and international relations. This book explores the role that societal power plays in our lives and rethinks commonly accepted definitions of democracy and development.

It presents a keen analysis of the historic, economic, sociological and cultural factors at the root of the current global crisis. Through the backdrop of Latin America and a captivating blend of historical facts, socio-economic theory, and personal anecdotes, the authors present these universal themes typically reserved for academic audiences in a unique style that also appeals to general audiences. In the process they unfold an explanation as to how and why we have lost control over the direction of our personal and public lives, the structure and character of our neighborhoods and societies, and the quality of our natural environment. More importantly, they tell us what we can do to reclaim them. "History of the Future that Belongs to Us" will challenge your vision of the world and expand your perspective of your individual life. Finally, its concrete proposals will provide the reader with a feasible alternative to globalizationís current path. This book is invaluable to anyone interested in unleashing and developing the very best of themselves and their societies. Do not miss the opportunity to be enlightened by these two special writers.

I Urge Everyone to Buy this Book, August 14, 2001, reviewer: Harold Cleveland from Edmon, OK USA
ď I never did like history. I never did understand that much about world economics. So I cautiously begin to read this book. I could not stop reading it and finished before the week was over. The authors have a masterful grasp of economics and how history formed the present status of our societies. They put all of it in a context with everyday people like you and me. Their writing style is not only informative but entertaining. Even before I reached the last two chapters, I felt the book had given me my money's worth! The authors promised to present solutions to problems related to the hopelessness and frustrations many of us experience concerning our economic status, both on an individual and a national level. I expected to read, therefore, in the last two chapters some very abstract ideas and generalizations about what should be done. Things we have probable read somewhere. But the authors presented an exceptionally organized and outlined list of steps for the solutions. They even introduced mathematical formulas that permit us to easily follow our progress and success in implementing these solutions. This is not only a book of history, economics and a bit of politics. It is a unique book with personal antidotes, superb writing style and a compelling message. I urge everyone to read this book." Harold Cleveland, Retired Professor from the University of Oklahoma.

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