Andrew Bradley

Andrew Bradley has many theater credits in Philadelphia, Chicago and Seattle. He was last seen locally in 2002's Fringe, performing in "The All Right Zone." He also appeared in the 2001 Fringe as part of Mauri Walton's "Tubey or Not Tubey." As a poet he has been featured at notcoffeehouse and The Eternal Now at Robin's Books. His work is to be published in upcoming issues of On the Run from the American Dream, Curbside Review and Main Street Rag.

As of December 17, 2002 Andrew was a founding member of a multimedia performance troupe in Philadelphia called "REPO", they will be performing at the Last Word Bookshop on March 13 - come see!

Laura Goldstein

Laura Goldstein loves tea. She drinks it all day. She also loves to teach which she does all day some days. She teaches Literature and Creative Writing at Temple University. Her poetry has been published in Pandora's Box, COMBO and Cross Connect and she has read all over Philadelphia. She loves to collaborate and has been known to do so with poet Hannah Sassaman who she will be reading with at Ladyfest Philly so check it out.

she also states:" Hello All. I would not only like to invite you to a poetry reading featuring me at Robin's Bookstore (13th and Sansom) on Tuesday, March 11 at 7pm but also to participate in the ECHO CHOIR.
If you choose to participate, what you will do is echo one word back to me after the completion of each poem that I read.
Please get back to me and let me know if you would
like to be involved.
Thank you! Hope to see you or hear you or both.