Improv Comedy that Bounces Back Instead of Breaking

Like the proverbial breath mints that are two-two-two in one, ELASCHTICK combines elastic flexibility withschtick in the best sense of the word. The result, short form improv games played as you have never seen before!

Like Whose Line Is It Anyway, only far far superior because we are live, unsponsored, and therefore uncensored, ELASCHTICK will perform hilarious scenes based on ideas gathered from you, the audience.

Like a rubber chicken rising from the ashes, ELASCHTICK was born when former members of the late, great Polywumpus Improv group joined other Philly area players to continue the centuries old tradition o making up funny stuff.

ELASCHTICK members include Britney Barber, Stephanie Brown, Rick Horner, Jody Miller, Michele Weissman, Jess Ciaranella and Cubby.

No topic is beyond the bounds of ELASCHTICK. So join us for mutual mind stretching at Robin's Books on Thursday, July 10th. for additional info about ELASCHTICK go to elaschtick.com