Fly author of Peops: Portraits and Stories ($18.00, Soft Skull Press)

"Peops is a collection of portraits and stories about people Fly met while touring the world with the popular underground band God Is My Co-Pilot. The sketches and conversations--culled from spare moments between soundchecks, performances, and loading equipment--reflect the surprisingly deep and beautiful ways strangers sometimes communicate with one another. The idea behind the book, says Fly, is that everyone has an incredible story to tell and all deserve to be heard. Fly has been squatting in the Lower East Side of Manhattan since 1990 where she paints and draws comix and illustrations. Such work has been published by the New York Press, Village Voice, SF Bay Guardian, Raygun, Bikini, World War III Illustrated, Punk, Autonomedia, Maximumrocknroll, Slug & Lettuce, and numerous other publications. For five years in the mid-nineties, Fly toured the world playing bass in the band God is My Co-Pilot. Currently she writes and performs spoken word and a cappella punk rock in the band Zero Content. Author of CHRONIC!IC!RIOTS!PA!SM! (Autonomedia, 2001), she has also produced countless zines and comics in the past two decades.

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