Sunday March 2, 2PM
Philadelphia Social Forum presents a discussion on the World Social Forum (January 2003)
with Dennis Brutus and others who attended this event in Brazil

Three years ago the radical governor of a southern province in Brazil conceived of a gathering of progressive people from around the world to meet and discuss the future. Thus began the World Social Forum. This was to counterpoint the World Economic Forum where the richest people in the world were meeting and forwarding the concepts of corporate globalization. Now “Lula” is president of Brazil and over 150,000 people from 150 countries gathered in Porto Alegre, Brazil for the Third World Social Forum. There are Social Forums in cities, countries, and regions all over the world. What took place in Porto Alegre? What does the future hold? Are ther lesions for us here in Philadelphia? Come and discuss this with Dennis Brutus, world renown South African poet and activist, and other who attended the World Social Forum.

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